Page 29 - MND Handbook

Neighbourly interaction and gracious living
in these high-rise, high-density estates are
actively encouraged, especially amongst
youth. An example is the ongoing
education initiative where student Heartland
Ambassadors share messages on
neighbourliness and encourage residents
to be environmentally friendly. HDB also
recognises residents who make significant
contribution to help create endearing
communities by giving out annual Good
Neighbour Awards.
Caring for the Elderly
Longer life expectancy and low fertility rates
have resulted in Singapore having one of
the fastest ageing populations in the world.
As such, meeting the housing needs of the
elderly is one of our major challenges.
We started offering studio apartments in
to expand the range of housing options
for those aged 55 and above. Customised
for independent living, these apartments
come with elder-friendly safety features
such as ramps at flat entrances, levelled
flooring throughout the flat and wheelchair-
accessible common toilets. The sale of these
flats has been stepped up in response to
growing demand.
A key concern of the elderly is retirement
adequacy. In efforts to help retirees monetise
their assets for retirement, we have relaxed
the policy on flat subletting. Other options
for them to monetise their flat include selling
the tail end of their flat lease to HDB.
Promoting Research & Development
As the largest developer in Singapore, HDB
plays a key role in leading the construction
and real estate sector towards sustainable
development. To this end, we have committed
substantial resources towards research
and development initiatives to create more
cost-effective and endearing homes within
sustainable living environments.
HDB also set up the Building Research
Institute as a focal point to incubate and
nurture new technologies. These include test
bedding emerging technologies to enhance
environmental sustainability in new and
existing estates, and developing practical
and cost effective solutions to solve daily
living problems.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City