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Providing Variety in Housing
Approximately 914,000 flats are spread
across Singapore, with a variety of sizes to
suit the income and lifestyle requirements
of Singaporeans. One- and two-room rental
flats cater to lower income families while
four-room and bigger flats meet the needs
of higher income households and extended
families who want to stay together.
To meet rising aspirations, HDB has engaged
private sector architects to introduce new
ideas into public housing design. For
instance, under the Design, Build and Sell
Scheme that was launched in 2005, private
sector developers bid for the land, design,
construct and sell flats to eligible buyers
directly. A total of 13 sites and 11 projects
have since been launched in various locations
across Singapore.
In December 2009, HDB also launched two
projects – SkyVille@Dawson and SkyTerrace
Dawson – to showcase new design
initiatives such as paired units for multi-
generational living, eco-friendly features and
more flexibility in the configuration of internal
layouts and loft units.
In June 2010, HDB launched the first housing
parcel along the Punggol Waterway. The
winning design from the Punggol Waterfront
Housing Competition incorporates eco-
friendly features that are in line with HDB’s
plans to develop Punggol as an Eco-Town.
Maintaining Vibrant Towns
Whilst development plans are drawn up for
young towns such as Punggol 21+, we
have also put in place a multi-faceted estate
renewal strategy for older HDB towns and
estates like Yishun, Hougang, Dawson
Estate in Queenstown and East Coast.
Several key rejuvenation programmes have
been implemented since the 1990s. Some old
flats have been acquired for redevelopment
to optimise land use under the Selective
En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme. The flat
owners receive compensation at market
values for their existing flats and are offered
new homes at subsidised prices.
To meet the changing needs and aspirations
of residents, HDB introduced two
programmes in 2007. The Neighbourhood
Renewal Programme focuses on making
improvements to the neighbourhood, such
as the upgrading of community facilities. The
Home Improvement Programme addresses
common maintenance problems in older
flats. Under this programme, flat owners can
opt for specific improvements to enhance
fittings in their flats.
Building Communities and
the Singapore Identity
HDB towns and neighbourhoods incorporate
unique design themes that reflect the area’s
heritage. Apartment blocks are grouped
in precinct clusters to cultivate a sense of
belonging and encourage greater interaction
between residents. Every estate comprises a
mix of households from different ethnicities
and income brackets to maintain social
integration and harmony.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City