Where do you see yourself living in the future?


The same HDB flat I am living in now


A smaller HDB flat that’s easier for me to take care of


With my family in their flat

Age in place with the Lease Buyback Scheme, or rent out bedroom(s)

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Did you know that you can unlock the value of your flat while continuing to live in it? Besides renting out spare bedroom(s), you can consider taking up the Lease Buyback Scheme!

The Lease Buyback Scheme caters to senior homeowners aged 65 or above living in all flat types*. You can sell part of the lease of your flat to HDB to receive a cash bonus and a stream of retirement income for life. Use the tool below to get a rough idea of how much you can unlock from your flat!

*Excluding short-lease flats, HUDC, and Executive Condominium units

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Where is your flat located?

What is the remaining lease of your flat?

Right-Sizing with the Silver Housing Bonus

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When it comes to finding the ideal home, bigger is not always better! For some families, a smaller home may meet their needs better. Here’s how right-sizing can benefit you:

Why Right-Size?

  • easier-care

    Easier to take care of

    Smaller homes are cosier, less costly to maintain, and require less housework!

  • supplement-income

    Supplement retirement income

    If you right-size into a 2- or 3-room flat, you can get up to $20,000 cash with the Silver Housing Bonus. Use the tool below to see how this could work for you.

  • discover-new

    Discover a new corner of your neighbourhood…

    You could look for a smaller home nearby.

  • change-life

    ...or change the way you live

    Younger estates have a lot to offer too!

What is your flat type?

Where is your flat located?

Renting Out Gets You Many Returns

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If you plan to live together with your family members in your golden years but wish to keep your flat, renting out your home could be a good option for you to supplement your retirement income. Use the tool below to get a rough sense of the rental rates today.

What is your flat type?

Where is your flat located?

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