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Based on your income and financing choices, you may be eligible for following loan amount and grants:


Buying a new flat or EC is a long-term financial commitment. We have several schemes and grants to help you with your cash flow, or to reduce your cash outlay.

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More Affordable Home Ownership

First-timer families can receive up to $160,000 in grants when buying a resale flat, and up to $80,000 when buying a new flat.


Resale flats

  • CPF Housing Grant of $50,000 for 2- to 4-room flats and $40,000 for 5-room and larger flats
  • Up to $80,000 in Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG)
  • Proximity Housing Grant (PHG) of $30,000/$20,000 for families buying a resale flat to live with/near their parents/children

New flats

  • Up to $80,000 in Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG)

Enhance your retirement funds through these monetisation options.

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Right-size with SHB

The Silver Housing Bonus (SHB), provides up to $20,000 in cash per household for elderly who right-size (to a 3-room or smaller flat), top up their CPF Retirement Accounts (RA), and join CPF LIFE.

Criteria Eligibility
Age, Citizenship At least one owner is a Singapore citizen aged 55 and above
Income Gross monthly household income of $12,000 or less
Existing Property HDB flat (met Minimum Occupation Period for resale), or private property of Annual Value of $13,000 or less; and no concurrent ownership of second property
Property You Are Buying Smaller HDB flat (up to 3-room); and purchase price does not exceed selling price of existing property
Housing Transactions Booking of new HDB flat, or application to buy resale flat must be:
before sale of existing property; or within 6 months of completing sale of of existing property.

Lease Buyback Scheme

Under the LBS, the household sells the tail-end lease of their flat to HDB and retains a lease ranging from 15 to 35 years. Households have to use their LBS proceeds to meet the CPF RA top-up requirements, and join CPF LIFE.

Criteria Eligibility
Age, Citizenship All owners must have reached the eligibility age (currently set at age 65) or older, and at least one owner must be a Singapore citizen
Income Gross monthly household income of $12,000 or less
Flat type All flat types (excluding short-lease flats, HUDC and Executive Condominium units)
Property Ownership No concurrent ownership of second property
Minimum Occupation Period All owners have been living in the flat for at least 5 years
Minimum Lease At least 20 years of lease to sell to HDB

Renting Out

You can rent out your whole flat if you have met the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). Depending on the location, the median rents in 4Q 2016 ranged from $1,500 - $2,200 for a 3R flat; $1,800 - $2,750 for a 4R flat; $1,900 - $3,500 for a 5R flat; and $2,150 - $2,700 for an Executive flat. Alternatively, owners can rent out spare bedroom(s) if they own a 3R or bigger flat. The median rent for renting out one room in 4Q 2016 is $600.

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Supplement your retirement income. Find out more about the various monetisation options available, like the Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS), right-sizing with the Silver Housing Bonus (SHB) or renting out your spare bedroom(s) or flat.

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