Budget 2022

The Singapore Budget is a strategic financial plan to address the challenges facing us, and to build our future Singapore together.

Minister for Finance, Lawrence Wong delivered Singapore's FY2022 Budget Statement on Friday, 18 February 2022 at 3.30pm in Parliament. Find out more: mof.gov.sg/singaporebudget

An inclusive home and liveable city for the future

MND’s COS speeches were delivered by Minister Desmond Lee, Senior Minister of State Sim Ann, Minister of State Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim and Minister of State Tan Kiat How on 8 March 2022. 

Find updates on MND's Committee of Supply (COS) 2022 here!

MND COS 2022

MND COS 2022 Speeches

• Speech by Minister Desmond Lee: Building Endearing Homes for all, in a Resilient and Sustainable City

• Speech by Senior Minister of State Sim Ann: Stronger Partnerships for a Better Living Environment

• Speech by Minister of State Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim: Supporting Vulnerable Citizens and Forging Community Partnerships

• Speech by Minister of State Tan Kiat How: Accelerating Transformation across the Built Environment Value Chain

• Speech by Minister Desmond Lee at the joint segment on sustainability under Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment's COS: Building a Sustainable Built Environment, Improving Urban Sustainability 

Press Releases and Factsheets


Click on image to download pdf of infographic:MND COS 2022

MND COS 2021

Info on MND COS 2021

Visit mnd.gov.sg/our-work/budget-2021 for info on MND COS 2021