Redhill Gardens Estate - Cats Roaming and Feeding Issue

Nov 17, 2021

Radin Mas Constituency Office, Redhill Gardens Residents’ Committee, AVS, TPTC, Cat Welfare Society, NEA

For many years, there were ongoing cat-related nuisances at Redhill Close. Cat lovers fed the cats outside their units or at common corridors, and leftover food was often left uncleared. This created pest issues as the uncleared food would attract flies, rodents, and cockroaches.  

When Radin Mas Constituency Office was alerted to the issue, they knew there was a need to inculcate responsible cat feeding and have the residents accept community cats in shared community spaces. The Residents’ Committee and Constituency Office officers first gathered feedback from residents, then engaged agencies and Cat Welfare Society to help resolve the issue. 

As it would be difficult for agencies to monitor the situation all the time and at all sites (mainly because cat feeders were active at different times throughout the day and at different areas), agencies agreed to advocate responsible feeding through public education. 

The Cat Welfare Society placed cat sonic repellent devices at affected units. This was to prevent cats from urinating and defecating near their units. Staff from the People’s Association also mounted posters educating residents not to feed cats, on the lift lobbies on every level.  

Agencies followed up with sterilisation, advisories, house visits and continued monitoring the situation, until a marked improvement was seen.