There are currently three categories of awards:


  1. Team – To recognise inter-agency teams/projects which have exhibited excellent team spirit and delivered impactful outcomes in municipal service delivery through sustainable/systemic solutions;

  2. Individual - To recognise individual officers who have gone beyond their call of duty to serve the residents; and

  3. Community - To recognise projects led by our community partners which improve our living environment.


For 2022, MSO has reviewed the MSA to better recognise and showcase how the community can play an important and active role in taking care of the living environment, and affirm community efforts and partnerships at the local level in resolving municipal issues.  We have thus made changes to the awards as follows:

  1. Community Category – has been enhanced so that community partners (non-government organisations/grassroots volunteers/individual residents) can nominate municipal-related projects (i.e. completely ground-up) and submit directly to MSO.  Previously, nominations could only be submitted through partner agencies or Town Councils; and

    Please click below for some examples of Community Category stories:


  2. [New!] Love Our ‘Hood Award – has been introduced at the Constituency level. This award will be given to community partners (community groups, organisations and individual residents) within the same constituency who exemplify a collaborative spirit for the upkeep and improvement of our local living environment. For example, the award may be given to a cluster of partners consisting of the grassroots leaders, residents’ committees, a school and local businesses.

Here are the differences between the Community Category and Love Our ‘Hood Award:
Please find the nomination forms for the Community Category and Love Our ‘Hood Award below. Further details are enclosed in the forms.


The closing date for nomination is 31 March 2022.  You can submit your nomination by emailing us at

Community Category (DOCX, 29 KB)
Love Our 'Hood Award (DOCX, 29 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 123 KB)