Collaboration with Ai Tong School to Educate Residents on ‘No Feeding of Pigeons’

Sep 12, 2018

Ai Tong School, AVA, PA 

AVA collaborated with Ai Tong School in creating awareness of pigeon feeding in the community.


AVA pushed out the message that feeding pigeons led to their population growth and they could potentially spread diseases to humans with lower immunity (i.e., those living with chronic conditions, infants, young children, the elderly and pregnant women) exposed through direct contact with sick birds and their droppings.

A group of Primary Five students from Ai Tong School designed reusable bags advocating the message of not feeding pigeons. On 29 July 2017 at the Thomson Sin Ming Court Residents’ Committee (RC) Resident’s Day and 24th Anniversary Celebration, the students, together with AVA, distributed the bags to about 500 residents.

Students from Ai Tong School at the community event with their self-designed reusable bags advocating the message of no pigeon feeding.

The collaboration was effective in spreading the message to the residents, as they were receptive to the students in raising awareness on pigeon feeding.

Since the community outreach event, the volume of feedback related to pigeon feeding decreased by 80% in the estate.

Students from Ai Tong School educating residents on no pigeon feeding at the community event.