*Please note that subsequent grant calls for CoT would be listed on the Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS) website, once the system is launched.

V4: Greater Sustainability

To create a high quality living environment that is inclusive, resource efficient and adaptive to climate changes, the call for proposals for the following research challenges is now open:

  • Phase Change Materials for Effective Indoor Cooling in the Tropics
  • Solutions to Maintain Good Ventilation in Enclosed Spaces with Zero or Very Minimal Energy
  • Co-existence of Roadside Planting and Bio-retention Systems

Further details of the challenge statements are available in the Information Sheet below.


  1. Principal Investigators (PIs) from all Singapore-based institutions of higher learning (IHLs), public sector agencies and not-for profit research laboratories as well as companies and company-affiliated research laboratories/institutions, are eligible to apply.

  2. The Lead PI who leads the Research must be based in Singapore (minimum of 9 months employment with a Singapore-based organisation and fulfilling at least 6 months of residency in Singapore over a period of 1 calendar year). Collaboration with foreign organisations and experts in the capacity of Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI), or as Collaborator is allowed.

  3. Research work should be done in Singapore, unless expressly approved by the grantor.

  4. The proposals must not have obtained similar funding from other government agencies. Proposals with similar scope, which are currently under evaluation by other funding initiatives, would not be considered until the results from the other funding initiatives are finalised.

  5. Grant applicants are strongly encouraged to collaborate with industry and development agencies to develop innovative solutions that can address the call objectives and demonstrate strong potential for real-world application within Singapore.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Potential Contribution to CoT Objectives
    • Relevance of proposed research in contributing to objectives stated for the CoT Call Topic.
  2. Potential for Breakthrough and Innovation
    • Quality and significance of proposed research, including value for money, and the potential for breakthrough/innovation to advance knowledge and understanding within its own field or across different fields.
  3. Potential for Application and Deployment in Singapore and Commercialisation/Export
    • Potential for application of research outcomes in Singapore by a public agency and potential for solutions to be replicated in Singapore beyond a single site/project.
    • Feasibility for commercialisation/ export in areas where Singapore has a competitive advantage.
  4. Execution Strength and Technical Competency of Research Team
    • Quality of plans for execution and delivery of the research programme and goals, including the appropriateness of the proposed milestones and deliverables (specific to evaluation of full proposal applications)
    • Quality, significance, and relevance of the recent research record of the PI and co-PIs and the strength of the applicant group, including likely synergy in delivering research and potential for international leadership.


Please download all files and read all instructions and guidelines for the Grant Call below:

Information Sheet 
Guidelines for the Management of Competitive R&D Grants 
Proposal Submission Templates 


All proposals must be submitted to both cot_submission@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg and BCA_COT@bca.gov.sg by 19 Jul 2018, 2359hrs. Submissions for all proposals must be in the format of the Proposal Submission Template attached together with all supporting / relevant documents to the both emails stated above, quoting the following in the email subject line “Submission for CoT Grant Call – [Proposed Title] by [Company/Institute Name]". It is advised to restrict submissions to 10 MB.

Late submissions or submissions from individual applicants without endorsement from the Host Institution will not be entertained.

For more information, please contact the Secretariat at cot_submission@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg and BCA_COT@bca.gov.sg