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To help cities evaluate their biodiversity
conservation efforts over time, Singapore
has also collaborated with the Secretariat
of the Convention on Biological Diversity to
spearhead the development of a unique self-
assessment index. Known as the Singapore
Index on Cities’ Biodiversity, this tool is used
by over 50 cities all over the world.
Enhancing Competencies of our
Landscape and Horticulture Industries
To enhance the competencies of Singapore’s
landscape and horticulture industries, NParks
engages our industry partners in a range of
programmes to raise the skills standards of
industry workers.
In 2007, NParks and the Workforce
Development Agency jointly set up the
Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology
CUGE), a national training institution for the
landscape industry.
Since then, CUGE has shared its expertise
on urban greenery and ecology with
overseas counterparts, serving as a regional
repository of best practices on urban and
green living environment.
Engaging and Inspiring Communities to
Co-create a Greener Singapore
Over the years, NParks has been actively
reaching out to all Singaporeans to promote
the appreciation of greenery and nurture a
gardening culture.
Through the Plant-A-Tree programme, over
individuals and organisations have
played a direct role in greening Singapore
by planting saplings in parks and nature
reserves. This programme was initiated in
by the Garden City Fund, a registered
charity and IPC established by NParks.
The Community in Bloom programme,
started in 2005, has successfully grown
a network of active community gardening
groups as well. As of 2011, there are
more than 400 community gardens in
residential and private estates, schools and
organisations. NParks plans to increase
that number to 800, and establish a similar
network to harness the energies of people
passionate about nature conservation.
Our City in a Garden:
a Home we can be proud of
The flourishing gardens and rich biodiversity
of our island-state are valuable assets that
contribute to improving our quality of life. We
will continue to draw on the passion, energy
and creativity of our community to make
Singapore our City in a Garden, a home we
can be proud of.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City