Page 23 - MND Handbook

A Three-Pronged Approach to
Enhancing Professionalism
CEA is steered by a three-pronged strategy
of effective regulation, industry development,
and consumer education.
First, we administer the new regulatory
framework which aims to foster a well-
disciplined real estate agency profession.
Underpinning this holistic framework is the
requirement that all estate agents must be
licensed and salespersons registered, as well
as for them to be equipped with the knowledge
and skills to provide client services that are in
accordance with the Code of Practice and
Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care.
This framework requires estate agents to be
responsible for the supervision and control of
their salespersons.
In addition, CEA handles complaints against
estate agents and salespersons who infringe
on its Act and Regulations, and puts in place a
dispute resolution scheme. Investigation and
disciplinary proceedings are also conducted
in relation to offences and unsatisfactory
conduct in estate agency work.
Second, CEA focuses on industry development
andenhancingaccountability for theprofession.
In this respect, our roles include promoting the
integrity and competence of estate agents and
salespersons, administering of examinations
and providing a professional development
framework for the purposes of licensing and
registration. We also collaborate actively with
industry bodies on joint initiatives such as
practice guidelines, forums and workshops to
develop and raise the professional standards
of the industry.
Third, beyond our regulatory role, CEA
undertakes public outreach initiatives to
inform consumers about their rights and
responsibilities, empowering them with the
necessary knowledge for their transactions.
We provide timely information to consumers
through various platforms such as CEA’s
website, consumer guides, news reports
and educational seminars. We also work
closely with government agencies and industry
partners to engage the public through
various traditional and online communications
platforms. Through partnerships with
other Government agencies and industry
associations, CEA also makes its consumer
education programmes more accessible to
the public.
CEA also provides a Public Register of estate
agents and salespersons on its website at
Consumers who require
the services of agents and salespersons are
advised to request their respective registration
numbers and verify that they are listed on
the Public Register before engaging their
services. This enables consumers to be more
discerning of agents and salespersons.
Delivering Real Estate Excellence
Close collaboration between the Government
and real estate agents is critical to promoting
strong qualifications and the highest standards
of professional conduct in our real estate
agency sector. This assurance of integrity,
credibility and service quality excellence boosts
consumer confidence and instils significant
value in our real estate industry.
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