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Our flagship R&D project is the Zero Energy
Building located at the BCA Academy of the
Built Environment. The Zero Energy Building
was retrofitted from an existing building and
serves as a test-bedding centre for green
building technologies. It is the first of its type
in South-East Asia.
Enhancing Barrier-Free Accessibility
Singapore's ageing population has made it
imperative for buildings to become more user-
friendly. We introduced the Code on Barrier-
Free Accessibility in 1990 to reshape the
accessibility landscape of the built environment
by improving inter-connectivity between
buildings and upgrade existing buildings to
make them more accessible.
A $40 million Accessibility Fund has been
set aside to co-fund voluntary upgrading on
basic barrier-free features. In addition, BCA
introduced legislative measures to ensure
continued compliance to the Code and to
prevent misuse of barrier-free facilities.
We promote Universal Design (UD) for
buildings to cater to the needs of all
users, including the young, the elderly,
persons with disabilities, and parents with
infants. The BCA Universal Design Award
recognises outstanding achievements
by building developers and owners to
incorporate barrier-free accessibility
and UD in their developments.
Transforming the Building and
Construction Industry
The building and construction industry has
to constantly enhance its capabilities to
achieve Singapore’s goal of an excellent built
environment. BCA has put in place many
schemes to raise the industry’s skill levels
and professionalism, design and construction
capabilities, niche expertise, and the export
of construction-related services.
Some examples are the Construction
Registration of Tradesmen (CoreTrade)
Scheme which establishes a core base
of trade foremen and tradesmen, and the
BCA Academy of the Built Environment
which develops a professional workforce
and encourage the adoption of innovative
technologies. BCA International, a wholly-
owned subsidiary formed by BCA, paves
the way for local construction companies
to offer a full scope of expertise and
value-added services to assist overseas
governments and clients in developing
excellent built environments.
In line with the Government’s national
productivity drive to ensure Singapore’s
sustained economic growth, MND and BCA
actively spearhead efforts to raise productivity
and capability levels in the construction
sector. In 2010, BCA set up a $250 million
Construction Productivity and Capability
Fund to help the construction sector
progress in three key areas: building up a
skilled workforce, adopting more advanced
construction technologies, and enhancing
building capability in niche areas.
BCA’s Zero Energy Building is the first in South-East Asia to be retrofitted
from an existing building.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City