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Creating a Safe Built Environment
Safety is a top priority when it comes to
creating a thriving city for people to live,
work and play in. BCA ensures that buildings
in Singapore are designed, constructed
and maintained to high standards of safety
through its building regulatory system.
We oversee the approval of building
and structural plans, periodic structural
inspection for existing buildings, as well
as the regulation of excavation works,
unauthorised building works, civil defence
shelters, exterior features of buildings, and
outdoor advertisement signs.
In addition, BCA oversees deep excavations
and deploys supervision teams for structural
works under the Building Control Act
and Regulations. We also issue builders’
licences to ensure the professional standards
of building works.
As the regulator of amusement rides in
Singapore, BCA works with the amusement
ride industry to ensure the safety of
ride goers. A regulatory framework for
amusement rides was introduced in July
to ensure that amusement rides are
designed, installed, operated and maintained
according to recognised international safety
codes and standards.
Promoting Quality Excellence
Over the years, we have raised the quality
of our built environment through various
initiatives, such as the Construction Quality
Assessment System (CONQUAS) and
the BCA Quality Mark. The CONQUAS,
Singapore’s built environment is known for its high safety
standards, achieved by a robust regulatory system that
governs the building and construction industry. The Building
and Construction Authority (BCA) aims to develop and
promoteaproductive industry thatdeliversasafe,highquality,
sustainableanduser-friendlybuilt environment forSingapore.
introduced in 1989, is the de facto yardstick
for measuring the quality of building
workmanship in Singapore while the BCA
Quality Mark assesses the workmanship of
individual residential units.
The success of these initiatives and
greater awareness of quality schemes
encourage the building industry to improve
construction quality.
Championing Environmental Sustainability
As Singapore pushes ahead with new
developments, there is also growing emphasis
on environmental sustainability. We aim to
green 80 per cent of Singapore’s buildings
by 2030.
To achieve this, BCA actively promotes
the use of green building technologies
and designs through our Green Building
Masterplan and other various initiatives.
These include the BCA Green Mark
Scheme, which was launched in 2005 to
assess the environmental friendliness and
energy efficiencies of buildings, as well as
the Green Mark Incentive Schemes and
Building Retrofit Energy Efficiency
Financing (BREEF) Scheme to encourage
building owners to build with green features
and retrofit existing buildings to achieve
greater energy efficiency.
The MND Research Fund also supports
private building owners’ efforts to embrace
green building features and intensify
Research and Development (R&D) efforts in
green building technologies.
An Endearing Home,
A Distinctive Global City