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Safeguarding Animal and Plant Health
To protect the health of our animals and
greenery, as well as Singapore’s public
health against exotic pests and diseases,
AVA implements science-based animal
and plant health programmes that include
monitoring, surveillance, inspection,
sampling and quarantine practices.
Singapore’s disease-free status is
maintained through the strict surveillance
and monitoring of imported and local
animals and plants. Every consignment
of animals, fish and plants imported into
Singapore has to meet AVA’s veterinary
and plant health conditions. They must also
be inspected and approved by AVA, and
where necessary, be subjected to relevant
quarantine requirements.
AVA’s Animal and Plant Health Centre, the
national reference laboratory for the
diagnosis of animal and plant diseases,
conducts diagnostic testing of diseases
as well as the testing of animal vaccines. Its
state-of-the-art facilities and high standards
enable Singapore to stay at the forefront of
animal and plant disease control.
As a result, Singapore has successfully kept
out major plant pests such as the Southern
American Leaf Blight and Khapra beetles,
as well as animal diseases such as rabies
and Bird Flu. In the prevention of Bird Flu,
our multi-layered defence strategy covers
vaccination of all at-risk birds at the bird
park and zoo, surveillance and monitoring,
as well as the control of imports at source,
borders, local poultry farms and poultry
slaughter houses.
In the event of a Bird Flu outbreak in
Singapore, AVA has in place contingency
plans for the rapid eradication of the
disease. We conduct regular exercises to
test and refine these plans. In addition,
we are actively involved in strategic
partnerships, such as the ASEAN Highly
Pathogenic Avian Influenza Taskforce which
adopts a coordinated regional approach
for bird flu control with prompt reports of
disease outbreaks.
We believe that animals should be protected
from abuse. AVA has strict regulations for
all veterinary centres, animal research
facilities and pet shops in Singapore
to prevent animal cruelty. We promote
animal welfare through the responsible pet
ownership public education programme.
AVA collaborates with animal enthusiasts
and animal welfare organisations to create
a harmonious common living space for both
people and animals.
Facilitating International Trade
AVA facilitates the export of food, plants,
and their products by issuing internationally
recognised certificates, licences, and
permits. We help further upgrade the export
capabilities of our industries by engaging
them in collaborations and dialogues.
For example, we formed the Ornamental Fish
Business Cluster and Orchid Business Cluster
with our industry stakeholders to strengthen
Singapore’s position as a renowned exporter
of ornamental fishes and tropical orchids.
Training courses and overseas trips are jointly
organised to help our industries remain relevant
and adaptable.
Our scope of work also includes preventing
the exploitation of endangered animals and
plant species through international trade.
We implement and enforce the provisions
of the Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CITES) to control trade in endangered species
and their products.
AVA works with the industry to help strengthen Singapore’s
position as a renowned exporter of orchids.
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